Gift From Satan: The Rock Attached to “SEAL TEAM 666″


Buff dudes and demons: a combination I can’t find fault in. I say this as one of six (six six) people who totally enjoy END OF DAYS. But what of a successor to the throne of Lord Satan looking like a choir boy in the face of Arnold? Prepare thyself for SEAL TEAM 666.

Based on a novel that I’m so excited exists, SEAL TEAM 666 does in fact find a special ops team battling “demons, possessed humans and mass-murdering cults.” Who can lead such a fearless band? Fucking The Rock, a.k.a. Luke Hobbs, a.k.a. Team Bring it, a.k.a. The People’s Champion, a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson.

Evan Spiliotopoulos, who wrote the upcoming The Rock-starring HERCULES movie, is penning. Hopefully whoever directs is already planning on having a really good metal theme song like “Shocker,” or anything by Fastway. [THR]

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  • MechaPumpkin

    Two typos in nine sentences, and a pile of crappy grammar to boot. Yay modern journalism!

    • Mike

      MechaPumpkin – Since you’re concerned about modern journalism (didn’t see the typos), “Yay” would have a comma after as it’s an interjection.

      • MechaPumpkin

        Hi Mike! I’m not a journalist.

        The typos, which have now been corrected, were . . .

        “Based on novel that I’m so excited exists”


        “Who can leads such a fearless band?”

        I believe a few of the grammatical errors were fixed as well. I’m actually not a stickler for this kind of thing (although, you appear to be). I actually just had trouble following the article and had to read certain sentences twice. It’s 9 sentences long. Not sure why you felt the need to defend it. Also, since you brought it up, yay would only need a comma after it if I meant it as an interjection. I actually intended it more as shorthand for, “Yay for modern journalism.” I’m sure you’ll agree, read that way, it’s just fine. I mean if you want to be a complete dick, you could point out that “yay” isn’t even a real word. That really wasn’t the point of my comment.

      • Sam Zimmerman

        Honestly, Mecha was totally right to call me out. As is the nature of some of the smaller items, I wrote this hastily and probably with too much of an eye on conveying the goofy stoked nature of this ridiculous movie.

  • ShuddyaFace

    Wow! Clean up in Aisle 10!! Mr. Zimmerman appears to be VERY wet over the Rock. Settle down care bear your “Peoples Champion” blow up doll is in the mail. ;)

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