Full “WORLD WAR Z” trailer: Is this what a zombie blockbuster looks like?

The undead are ubiquitous in popular culture. While they still toil in the classic roots of outbreak and post-apocalypse on AMC, last year saw them enter children’s film and February brought us a teen-focused romantic comedy. Now, with the big screen adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel,  we have our first zombie blockbuster—which looks none too different than a typical global disaster film.

The full trailer for WORLD WAR Z sells little of the zombies, themselves. They are pure digital chaos, and seem to be a stand-in for any sort of pandemic. Instead, the preview paints familiar strokes of an everyman, his enjoyable family breakfast and soon, the global mission he’s on to stop the entire world from crumbling.

Marc Forster directs. Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos and David Morse star. WORLD WAR Z is out June 21. [iTunes]

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000491790683 Joe Stauffer

    I like the way that the zombies appear to climb over each other similar to ants or other small insects. The visuals look pretty cool.

  • Ron

    As a lover of every thing zombies, including the World War Z book, I can’t wait to see this movie. This is probably going to be the largest scale and budget zombie movie made to date. Having said that, I wish that they would have changed the name of the movie. It obviously bears little semblance to the source material, and will probably turn off a lot of people that enjoyed the book. I’ll be there opening night with a big ol bucket of popcorn though.

  • http://twitter.com/samquint67 sam quint

    Hoping that the zombie hordes don’t look too CG. Other than that, bring it on!

  • Richie

    I’m sorry, but this looks abysmal to me. I adored the book – it’s not perfect, but a damned good book, with some deliciously chililng and frightening stories, along with a great look at the financial, industrial, social, and political ramifications of the zombie war.
    This film, though, looks to bear NO resemblence whatsoever to the book. I’m sorry, but I literally laughed out loud at how ludicrous this looks.

  • BlueSkyy

    I like the approach Forster and Pitt are taking using Zombies as a metaphor for over population and basically making the film more about a natural disaster rather than a gore fest. Both have commented that WWZ will emphasize the broad, global reaction and logistical experiences dealing with a global pandemic involving the walking (or in their case “running”) dead. Still – while their cgi zombies aren’t nearly as bad as the “I am legend” cgi zombies, I believe they should ratchet up the Zombie close-ups and have a goal of setting a new standard on just how terrifying Zombies really are. I’m not concerned about the changes they have had to make making the story come alive onscreen – as I was reading WWZ (and then again rereading a few other times), I envisioned a more “in the moment” approach to bringing the stories off the pages onscreen as it’s more horrific to be experiencing these events “in the present” rather than from the point of view of a guy sitting in a room reminencing. Having seen the youtube footage and the trailers, I would suggest than Forster & Pitt dig a little deeper and spend some extra money on some close-ups. Let’s see the “Battle of Yonkers” turn into a real bloodbath.

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