Full Moon Streaming & “HEAD OF THE FAMILY” Goes Ganja on 4/20


Just in time for every stoner’s favorite day —4/20, which falls on Easter Sunday this weekend—the lunatics at Full Moon Features have retrofitted one of their most beloved B movies into a dope-fuelled interactive experience. If that’s your boat to float, don’t bogart this item and just read on…

Director Charles Band’s 1996 blackly comic freak show HEAD OF THE FAMILY tells the twisted tale of the Stackpoole clan, who have been doing some hideous human experiments in the bowels of their basement. White trasher Lance blackmails Myron Stackpoole (the “Head of the Family”) and his psychically controlled siblings into murdering his lover Loretta’s husband, but Lance soon finds that he’s way in over his head.

The movie is far-out enough, but the new Ganja Version is a movie viewing experience unlike any other, enabling the hopefully less sober set to play along with the film as they watch. As the movie plays, special messages will appear on the screen.  Read them to learn useful behind-the-scenes facts, trivia, and anecdotes directly from the movie’s cast and crew.

Also, be on the lookout for bonus movie scenes featuring the buxom Mindy Robinson as she offers her unrated and uncensored take on the film. During these extra scenes, you can click on the screen and actually purchase items related to the movie. The Ganja Version of Head of the Family on Full Moon Streaming is the only place where you’ll be able to see all of this extra content, which includes a Full Moon treasure hunt where secret Golden Moons give viewers the chance to win a special Head of the Family prize.

So spark up and feed your head with HEAD OF THE FAMILY: GANJA VERSION only available here.

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