“FROST BITE” filmmaker releases new exclusive zombie photos, plans “SORORITY”


Stalking through a winter wonderland are the undead of FROST BITE, an indie production that’s making the festival rounds. Writer/director Joe Davison (of 100 TEARS and AS NIGHT FALLS) passed on some new exclusive pics you can see past the jump.

FROST BITE also has a new trailer that you can see below the photos. The synopsis: “After losing her son in a massive zombie attack, Reagan [Cassandre Leigh] is forced to walk the backwoods of frozen Alaska. While doing so, she meets Colby Jack [Andre Reissig] and Chris [Stephen Waalkes] in their custom Winnebago. She is safe for now. Taken back to a small store dubbed ‘Frost Bite,’ she will help the remaining survivors fight not only zombies but a religious madman known as Regis [Cheyenne Buchanan]. But all is not lost; with the leadership of ex-Marine John Bannister [Steve Sterling] they just might make it to see another day.”

Davison (as director and star) and Leigh will reteam later this year on SORORITY OF THE DAMNED, a horror/comedy scripted by Davison, Megan Chapnick (who executive-produces with Davison and co-stars) and Jeremy Lester. The modern twist on good girls turned witches will also feature CHILD’S PLAY veteran Alex Vincent (who will score the movie as well), Mindy Robinson, Tara Cardinal and Leah Cevoli. Find out more at SORORITY’s Facebook page, and keep up with FROST BITE at its own page.







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