As you may have noticed, FANGORIA has caught cupid’s arrow this week, offering our uniquely romantic scare selections in commemoration of that most polarizing and existentially unethical holiday, Valentine’s Day. And while the warmth of love is nowhere to be found in the cold, dusty labyrinth of the FANGORIA archives, we did seek out a very fitting title for our latest submission: the memorable 1981 slasher MY BLOODY VALENTINE!

Although many young horror fans may know the 3D remake of the same name better than the original, MY BLOODY VALENTINE is still a vicious horror flick in its own right, but somewhat underestimated by its quaint nature and setting. Unjustly butchered by the MPAA as a response to the rise of gory and independently produced horror films, the film has since become a retroactively appreciated piece of cult horror history and has made its miner-emulating murderer an slasher icon. Check out these rare pictures from the production and show MY BLOODY VALENTINE some deserved love!

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Ken W. Hanley
Ken W. Hanley is the Web Content Manager for FANGORIA, as well as the former Web Editor for Diabolique Magazine and a contributing writer to YouWonCannes.com. He’s a graduate from Montclair State University, where he received an award for Excellence in Screenwriting. He’s currently working on screenplays, a graphic novel and various other projects, and can be followed on Twitter: @movieguyiguess.
  • Jason Parker

    What a great early Canadian gore fest!!

  • JohnnyManiac1980

    I love the original My Bloody Valentine, thank you for sharing these rare photo’s . Every Valentine’s day since the 2009 uncut version of My Bloody Valentine (1981) was released on dvd by Lion’s Gate, I watch this awesome film. I even remember watching it on vhs way back when I was younger. I love Fangoria. I would love to see this back on the big screen again, uncut the way that it should have been released back in 1981.

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