Fringe Horror Theater Announces “DYSTOPIA” Finale; Cinematic Experience!


Earlier this year, FANGORIA reported the first details on DYSTOPIA, an extreme immersive horror experience from the macabre minds behind McKamey Manor and Dead of Night. Now, FANGORIA has received word that the one-night-only, full-contact experience, presented exclusively at The Haunted Scarehouse (105th West Dewey Avenue building A , Wharton, NJ 07885), on Saturday, June 18th, will be the final extreme immersive walkthrough for the NY-based Fringe Horror Theater. But fear not: for those still seeking completely immersive experiences, Fringe is exploring exciting new avenues to provide experiences unlike any in the haunt game.

Following this Saturday’s event, Fringe Horror Theater will be relaunching under the title Fringe Immersive, creating shows that go beyond the limitations of the horror genre. Furthermore, DYSTOPIA will be reformatted as a cinematic experience, described as a “fusion between found footage and Cinema Transgression films.” Filming for DYSTOPIA will begin this August, and will offer a live experience to be incorporated into the final movie.

Furthermore, Fringe Immersive will kick off their new programming with ESCAPE THE DARK, a touring show that offers FHT’s immersive walkthrough but through the lens of an escape room-style experience. Fringe Immersive will then continue to provide one-off, adult-only special events, but note that they might not necessarily be bound to the horror genre or traditional horror archetypes. As for the final DYSTOPIA show, Fringe Horror Theater’s Will Puntarich states that even if you’ve experienced their particular brand to immersive mayhem, this experience will still blow your mind.

Expect it to be super aggressive , funny, dirty and wet,” says Puntarich. “We’re going back to our roots for this one.”

You can still find tickets to DYSTOPIA, which starts at 7 p.m. this Saturday, 06/18, at NJ’s Haunted Scarehouse HEREThe adult-only event requires valid ID, recommends attendees wear secondhand or disposable clothing, and all participants must sign a waiver before entering DYSTOPIA. Stay tuned for more from the Haunted Scarehouse and Fringe Immersive here at FANGORIA.com!


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