“V/H/S” Director David Bruckner up for new “FRIDAY THE 13TH”


If a new FRIDAY THE 13TH were to end up with the currently popular POV format (still no confirmation if it is), the director currently in negotiations just may be the best choice to take it on. The Wrap is reporting Paramount and Platinum Dunes are speaking to David Bruckner (co-director, THE SIGNAL) about helming the next in the FRIDAY THE 13TH series, one with no confirmed plot or shape as of yet.

Bruckner of course, helmed “Amateur Night,” one of the standouts of 2012 found footage anthology V/H/S. The visceral, graphic and at times eerie spy cam look at “bro culture” has many of us still whispering, “I like you” to friends.

The new FRIDAY THE 13TH is a highly anticipated curiosity, of sorts. The film is currently due in less than a year (Friday, the 13th of March 2015). It’s also the first film that sees Jason back at Paramount. Previous remake producers Platinum Dunes (headed by Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, as well as Michael Bay) are also on board, and if you’re a reader of Fango, you might know and very well have a strong opinion of the heavy rumors this film will take a found footage approach. Of course, many of us are still hoping for that mythic concept of Jason in the snow.

Keep an eye on Fango for more as the upcoming FRIDAY THE 13TH develops.

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  • Ernie Prado

    I am so burnt out on the found footage style. Please Paramount Jason deserves better.

  • gizmo

    no found footage please! that shaky cam takes away the tension in a movie, and a friday the 13th movie if this happens i refuse to watch it

  • josh a

    I wouldnt mind seeing it set in the snow. But yeah I agree please no found footage. I wont watch it then either.

  • Stu Parker

    If they do a reboot of the franchise…For the love of god that is all holy…Don’t make it anything like the first reboot in 2009…Where Jason kidnaps women and ties them up in a basement, having him run around these caves to different parts of Crystal Lake because he knows where the person is based on a trip wire that rang a bell…DUMB DUMB DUMB. Your right Ernie, Jason does deserve better and here’s hoping they make it the right way and either kill him off once and for all or if they decide to keep it going, keep Kane Hodder in it at least.


  • Kris Mullins

    i’d kinda like to see jason get the found footage treatment. why not? they’ve tried everything else already, plus it could be milked for some awesome kills & scares. bruckner would be a great choice. v/h/s & the signal were both great horror flicks.

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