FREE FANGORIA Screening: Hit Spanish Horror Comedy “WITCHING & BITCHING” in NYC!


FANGORIA will host a free screening of acclaimed Spanish director Alex de la Iglesia’s latest horror comedy WITCHING & BITCHING on Tuesday, June 10 at 7 p.m. at New York City’s IFC Center (323 Sixth Avenue at 3rd Street; 212-924-7771). Co-written and directed by de la Iglesia (acclaimed auteur behind DAY OF THE BEAST, DANCE WITH THE DEVIL, COMMON WEALTH, THE PERFECT CRIME, etc.), WITCHING & BITCHING stars Hugo Silva, Mario Casas, Pepón Nieto, Carolina Bang, Terele Pávez and Jaime Ordóñez, as well as Javier Botet from the [REC] films and MAMA. Fango’s editor emeritus, Tony Timpone, will be hosting the event. WITCHING & BITCHING cast a spell at the 2013 Toronto Film Festival.

WITCHING & BITCHING’s official synopsis reads: “When a bank heist in the city doesn’t all go according to plan, José and Tony find themselves in possession of some hostages and speeding through the mountains of Spain, hoping to quietly slip over the border. Not wanting to give up his custody days to his ex-wife, José has also brought his son along, for both the robbery and the ride. Little do they know that this is only the beginning of their troubles. When they decide to make a stop in a small tavern in the Basque countryside, the group encounters a series of local whackos. Falling victim to a mysterious spell, they soon find themselves the honored guests of a fractured family of witches who are preparing for an ancient ritual. More colorful characters begin to enter the picture, including a pair of hapless cops hot on the trail, a defecting vixen witch and José’s controlling ex-wife, and the situation spirals further out of control, heading towards a jaw-dropping climax.”

From its opening moments involving a shootout between a series of street performers in costume (including Minnie Mouse, the Invisible Man and Jesus), it’s clear that de la Iglesia is in top form in WITCHING & BITCHING. Capturing all the wit of his previous films, but employing a much more streamlined energy, he serves up the laughs, action and thrills in spades. Creative FX and frenetic, tongue-in-cheek jokes make for a visual inventive comedy with plenty of scares and surprises along the way. So grab your iron dentures and sharpened utensils. Dinner is served!

The Fango screening of WITCHING & BITCHING will be a free show; to obtain tickets, send an e-mail to fangoriascreening@gmail.com. You must list “WITCHING & BITCHING” as your subject line. Offer is good for you and one guest. Names will be checked at the door so tell us your full name in the email. Offer is first come, first served, and we will confirm your rsvp. Seating is not guaranteed, however. This advance preview is presented by IFC Films.

See Fango’s WITCHING & BITCHING review here. And watch for more Fango screening announcements right here. See you at the show!

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