Found Footage… For Real: Vintage Horror Teasers!


The art of the trailer has certainly been lost over the years, as the need to sell a film often leads to showing more and more crucial footage, spoiling surprises, or even worse: cutting something to look as generic as possible. Gone are the days of clever teasers; instead, we now have teasers for teasers, red-band trailers and TV spots that just show way too much. So for this week’s edition of Found Footage… For Real, we’ve dug up three vintage horror teasers to show the new generation of trailer cutters how it’s really done.

First up is the teaser for John Carpenter’s THE THING, which has become somewhat of a legend in its obscurity. Having only been released as an easter egg on the 2008 French DVD of THE THING, YouTube User BreadCrustCouncil has brought up this atmospheric minimalist teaser for the sci-fi horror classic, which you can check out in its entirety below!

Next up is the teaser for David Fincher’s ALIEN3, one of the most notorious teasers of its time. Promising an ALIEN film set on Earth, this trailer hits all of the teaser trailer notes, from ominous voiceover to the slow title reveal and the callback to the original poster. YouTube User THX1168 has ported over this infamous promo to the web, which you can check out below…

Lastly, we present one of the most beloved teasers in horror history with the micro-preview for LEATHERFACE: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3! To avoid ruining the amazing happenings in this teaser, you’re best to check it out below right away, and be sure to shout out to YouTube User Forever Horror for putting this bad boy online!

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