Found Footage… FOR REAL: Studio ADI’s Amazing Practical Work on “THE THING” (2011)


One of the reasons that horror hounds have become so apprehensive towards remakes is the idea that the genre’s history is being rewritten for a new generation. While this is often an irrational line of thought, as the original films never go away and often see a deluxe reissue as a result, the resentment is often built off of legitimate concerns: more often than not, contemporary remakes don’t quite reach the heights of their predecessors and resort of lazier filmmaking techniques. In fact, most horror fans are more worried about new fans becoming accustomed to a remake with CGI and frustrating plot retreads than the original films themselves, and this is why fans often cry out for remakes to go the extra mile to prove their worth.

Yet sometimes, the intention of a production entity and the execution of the product can become two entirely different things, and there’s few better examples than on the 2011 remake of THE THING. While that offering could certainly be worse in comparison to other remakes, there’s an almost universal frustration regarding the CGI FX of that film especially considering the groundbreaking FX of John Carpenter’s 1982 outing. And that frustration can certainly be felt much, much more potently when watching the footage below, uploaded 3 years ago by Studio ADI themselves, which shows the original practical FX of THE THING (2011) in all of its glory as well as the potential for the fright film it could have been. Check out the eye-opening video and see for yourself what Studio ADI already knew…

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