For Your Consideration: The 2016 Chainsaw Award Nominees for Best Supporting Actress


With voting season now open on the FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards, fans are putting their minds at work to select their favorites out of every potential nominee. When it came to Best Supporting Actress, there were many deserving choices who didn’t unfortunately make the cut, including KRAMPUS’ Allison Tolman, SOME KIND OF HATE’s Sierra McCormack, and DEATHGASM’s Kimberley Crossman. Likewise, there were even horror titles whose eerie ensembles made it quite difficult to narrow down a specific nominee, including THE MIDNIGHT SWIM and THE FINAL GIRLS. Nevertheless, with only five performers that could land the nominations, FANGORIA had to narrow it down to our five absolute favorite supporting performances from an actress in 2015…

So without further ado, here are your FANGORIA Chainsaw Award Nominees for Best Supporting Actress…



Malin Akerman, in the role of Amanda Cartwright & “Nancy” from THE FINAL GIRLS

In a wonderful and emotional performance, Akerman kills it (no pun intended) as the ill-fated scream queen and her cinematic alter ego in the meta horror comedy THE FINAL GIRL. And rather than mug for laughs, Akerman organically earns them while equally slaying the drama and horror elements of her role as well, effortlessly becoming the emotional anchor for both the protagonist and the audience as well.



Jessica Chastain, in the role of Lucille Sharpe from CRIMSON PEAK

A vile, sinister and classically informed antagonist, Chastain offers one of the best, most riveting performances in Guillermo del Toro’s CRIMSON PEAK. A performance that offers incredibly particular physicality and line delivery, Chastain brings her A-game to CRIMSON PEAK and never looks back, even managing to make psychopathic blade-wielding look distressing on a primal level.




Deanna Dunagan, in the role of Maria Bella Jamison from THE VISIT

Another physically-driven villain performance, Deanna Dunagan sold the tragedy and terror of THE VISIT with each passing moment, and did so with a performance that passed off as authentic and yet oh-so-scary. There’s a reason why Dunagan was front-and-center of the film’s marketing campaign, and her performance even offers enough pathos to cast doubt upon her weirder, crazier character moments in a film in which there was no shortage.



Kate Greenhouse, in the role of Cara from HE NEVER DIED

In a wonderfully down-to-earth performance, Greenhouse provides a refreshingly human performance in a film filled with big characters and bigger plot developments. Yet what truly elevates the performance is how perfectly her take jives and works off of Henry Rollins, whose quirks and inhumanity serve as a springboard for Greenhouse’s memorable moments of hilarity, shock and disbelief.



Krista Stadler, in the role of Omi from KRAMPUS

In a terrific turn that loans empathy and gravitas to KRAMPUS’ morally complicated ensemble, Krista Stadler embodies the role of Omi with palpable passion and believable regret. It’s a nuanced and invested performance, and Stadler’s presence in the film helps sell the film’s emotional moments in a big, bold way.

If you would like to vote for any of these performers for Best Supporting Actress, check out the full ballot here and send your completed ballot to chainsaw@fangoria.com.

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