For Your Consideration: The 2016 Chainsaw Award Nominees for Best Actor!


With voting season now open on the FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards, fans are putting their minds at work to select their favorites out of every potential nominee. When it came to the Best Actor category, the competition was bloodthirsty and thus, many petrifying performances didn’t quite make the cut, including SINISTER 2’s James Ransone, THE GIFT’s Jason Bateman, SOME KIND OF HATE’s Ronen Rubinstein and DEATHGASM’s Milo Cawthorne. Even some performances from less acclaimed films- such as Keanu Reeves in KNOCK KNOCK and James McAvoy in VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN- were considered among the great performances of 2015. Alas, only five performances could cut through the crowd, with FANGORIA going with our gut to nominate the best of the best.

So without further ado, here are your FANGORIA Chainsaw Award Nominees for Best Actor…



Mark Duplass, in the role of “Josef” from CREEP

In a performance that lives up to the film’s title, Mark Duplass’ unassuming yet unsettling turn as the deceptive, manipulative “Josef” in CREEP. And with the naturalistic role being lauded by critics and audiences alike, Duplass has a strong chance at picking up his first ever Chainsaw Award in 2016.



Tom Hiddleston, in the role of Thomas Sharpe from CRIMSON PEAK

Mesmerizing, macabre and effortlessly Gothic, Tom Hiddleston embodies the role of the tortured, murderous villain Thomas Sharpe with a screen presence akin to the Hammer Horror greats. And if past winners Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood are any indication, Hiddleston’s fervent fan base could bolster the actor to the Chainsaw crown.



Lou Taylor Pucci, in the role of Evan Russell from SPRING

Crafting a vulnerable, layered performance from an involving, fantastic script by Justin Benson, Pucci proved once again that he’s a genre-friendly talent to watch in SPRING. And should the film’s supporters rally behind this underdog, Pucci could nab the Chainsaw that he narrowly missed in 2014.



Henry Rollins, in the role of “Jack” from HE NEVER DIED

Hilarious, intimidating and with palpable pathos, Henry Rollins showcased his range as a versatile actor in the role of the bloodthirsty “Jack” in HE NEVER DIED. It’s an unconventional performance in an unconventional horror offering, and he certainly earned this Chainsaw nomination, although Rollins will need a groundswell of support to take it all home come March.



Kurt Russell, in the role of Sheriff Franklin Hunt from BONE TOMAHAWK

Perhaps the dark horse of this Chainsaw race, Kurt Russell’s memorable and formidable turn in BONE TOMAHAWK played to his strengths as a charismatic, reliable performer who treats genre material as if it were Oscar-caliber cinema. And while the AMPAS might overlook Russell’s 2015 efforts, Russell could earn himself a much-deserved Chainsaw Award if the buzzworthy horror western’s vocal supporters can bring in the ballots.
If you would like to vote for any of these performers for Best Actor, check out the full ballot here and send your completed ballot to chainsaw@fangoria.com

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