For Your Consideration: The 2015 Chainsaw Award Nominees for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series!


With the Chainsaw Award voting still in session, FANGORIA believes that every nominee deserves a fair shot at the award in question. Yet when it comes to performances, the objective nature of cinema really takes a hold of the voter: fans of one kind of particular horror may disregard a contender altogether if they believe their project to be not their “type of horror.” Nevertheless, FANGORIA wants to shine a light on these nominees to give voters a better understanding of what makes their performances stand out within the genre this year.

Of course, there are a fair share of contenders who unfortunately didn’t make the cut in 2014. Michelle Monaghan, although fantastic in her performance, was a victim of underwriting in TRUE DETECTIVE, which cost her a potential nod in this category. The same goes for the marvelous Olivia Cooke in BATES MOTEL, whose role as Norman’s perpetually ill love interest was far too underused among the second season’s varied subplots. Angela Bassett was also straight-up great on AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW, but unfortunately, her flamboyant performance lacked that special something to make it Chainsaw Award worthy. And while Season Five has given the most multi-dimensional version of Danai Gurira’s Michonne on THE WALKING DEAD, the character is still too stoic and predictable that Gurira’s excellent performance can’t break through the writer’s glass ceiling.

So without further ado, here are your FANGORIA Chainsaw Award Nominees for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series…

Gillian Anderson, HANNIBAL


While not in the biggest role of HANNIBAL’s second season, Gillian Anderson certainly makes the most of every second on the show with an enigmatic yet commanding performance as Hannibal’s psychiatrist. Anderson’s body language offers a clinical and paused authenticity to the role, and her restrained chemistry to Mikkelsen’s Dr. Lecter and Dancy’s Will Graham allows the actress to steal scenes from even the most impressive thespian. Even her line deliveries are intriguing, offering a duality between fear and fascination in almost every exchange.


Madeleine Martin, HEMLOCK GROVE


The sole Chainsaw Award nomination for the polarizing Netflix series, it’s also the most deserved out of all the possible categories, considering how much Madeleine Martin has elevated the role of Shelley Godfrey in HEMLOCK GROVE’s second season. Delivering a natural pathos in a series that’s quite outlandish, Martin’s performance is tragic yet gripping, bringing HEMLOCK one of it’s most honest performances to date. And Martin also offered a surprising amount of depth to the character,  building upon the Shelley’s humanity from the first season significantly.




The obvious fan favorite among this year’s nominees, Melissa McBride has really delivered in Season 5 as Carol, a character many thought would be gone from the series altogether after Season 4. But McBride has earned her praise hand over fist, as her committed and physical performance improves both the writing and acting of any scene she shares. Furthermore, McBride has completely sold her transformation as a character from victimized wife to seasoned survivor, and is easily one of the most compassionate performances among the massive cast.




A truly fascinating performance, Billie Piper has one of the most affecting and vulnerable roles in PENNY DREADFUL as the dying prostitute Brona. Committed both physically and emotionally to the barest bone, Piper skillfully juggles both fleshing out Brona while planting seeds for her eventual arc. And by offering a dark side to Brona, rooting the character within her hopelessness and hostility, Piper breaks the “hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold” archetype whilst still retaining a firm grasp on her humanity.


Deborah Ann Woll, TRUE BLOOD


With a show like TRUE BLOOD that contained such an impressive and enormous ensemble cast, it’s difficult to stand-out, especially with the ticking clock of a final season, but Deborah Ann Woll managed to do so on TRUE BLOOD’s swan song. With fans of the show having seen Woll’s character evolve through the seasons, the final season showed off a performance that genuinely felt like a culmination of Woll’s work so far, and provided a surprisingly sympathetic side to her voluptuous vamp.

If you would like to vote for any of these nominees for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series, check out the full ballot here and send your completed ballot to chainsaw@fangoria.com.

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