For Your Consideration: The 2015 Chainsaw Award Nominees for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series!


With the Chainsaw Award voting still in session, FANGORIA believes that every nominee deserves a fair shot at the award in question. Yet when it comes to performances, the objective nature of cinema really takes a hold of the voter: fans of one kind of particular horror may disregard a contender altogether if they believe their project to be not their “type of horror.” Nevertheless, FANGORIA wants to shine a light on these nominees to give voters a better understanding of what makes their performances stand out within the genre this year.

Once again, this was a difficult category to narrow down, especially given the excellent performances even within the nominated series. For instance, Harry Treadaway and Timothy Dalton each brought equally magnificent performances to PENNY DREADFUL, while Kevin Durant and Richard Sammel both knocked their respective performances from THE STRAIN out of the park. Furthermore, Denis O’Hare, Max Thieriot and Woody Harrelson all delivered great performances in AMERICAN HORROR STORY, BATES MOTEL and TRUE DETECTIVE, but didn’t have that special something to stand out among the rest within the genre.

So without further ado, here are your FANGORIA Chainsaw Award Nominees for Best Supporting Actor on a Television Series…

David Bradley, THE STRAIN (F/X)


While THE STRAIN is far from the perfect genre series, the closest thing to perfection on the series is undeniably David Bradley. A longtime solid character actor, Bradley elevates every second he’s on screen in THE STRAIN, and gives an emotional performance that’s also properly badass and complex. It’s not often that the raving mad monster hunter delivers the most affecting performance on your production, but Bradley delivers on that level and then some.


Zane Holtz, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: THE SERIES (El Rey Network)


The dark horse of this year’s nominees, Zane Holtz was one of the stand-outs of El Rey’s FROM DUSK TILL DAWN adaptation, bringing a unique and different side to Richie Gecko. While it was a role many saw with preconceived notions, Holtz broke expectations and added a certain charisma to Richie Gecko that made him one of the most empathetic and gripping creeps on television. And with the show giving Richie more faces than one might expect through his adjusted story arc, Holtz helped legitimize the show in a big way, and provided a weekly standard for his co-stars in El Rey’s first original series.


Rory Kinnear, PENNY DREADFUL (Showtime)

Episode 103

Including the aforementioned actors that unfortunately didn’t make the cut, PENNY DREADFUL has offered some of the best performances on genre television to date, and rarely does it come as good as Rory Kinnear as Caliban. Playing Frankenstein’s Monster with an elegance and intelligence previously unseen on-screen, Kinnear gave a truly emotionally provocative performance as Caliban and proved to be a captivating counterpoint to the monstrous villains of the show. And even though his deeds were bloody and gruesome, they came from a point of believable introspection and one that points at a potential redemption, all of which is thanks to Kinnear’s incredibly poignant and wholly committed performance.




A cultural icon and a FANGORIA cover boy, Norman Reedus has proven himself to be a fan favorite among the cast of THE WALKING DEAD. And while his looks and badass persona of course lend themselves to that dynamic, Reedus has also contributed an astounding and rather physical performance as the younger Dixon throughout the years, and his storyline on the latest season has been a fruitful one for Reedus’ role. Not since the Merle storyline was resolved near the end of season three has Reedus been as emotionally involved or conflicted, and Reedus has been selling the role with a subtle vulnerability that offers a human side to his stoic, crossbow-wielding zombie killer.




One of genre television’s most welcome surprises in 2014, Finn Wittrock’s Dandy Mott made for one hell of a bloody twisted season on AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW. Bringing an equal amount of horror and humor to the table, Wittrock’s pitch-perfect psychopath was among one of the most intriguing to watch develop, and provided some of the most quotable (and creepy) moments in series history. In fact, Wittrock’s presence as the foppish and delusional Dandy gave FREAK SHOW its star attraction, as the show did somewhat suffer when separated from Dandy’s petrifying plight.

If you would like to vote for any of these nominees for Best Supporting Actor on a Television Series, check out the full ballot here and send your completed ballot to chainsaw@fangoria.com.

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