Five for Frightening: Horror Shop’s Top 5 Coolest Costumes!

For those who take their Halloween digs with grave seriousness, there’s nowhere better to stock up on eerie accessories than the Germany-based Horror Shop. Featuring officially licensed costumes & masks, contact lenses, make-up appliances, decorations and much more, Horror Shop has everything a fright fan could want for the true Halloween experience, and FANGORIA is highlighting the five coolest costumes from the site that horror hounds will undoubtedly clamor over this October…


Edward Scissorhands

This super cool top quality Edward Scissorhands costume consists of an antique-esque jacket, pants, boot covers, scissorhand gloves, belt, wig and matching make-up set.

4. Full Sized Billy the Puppet from SAW


This SAW costume consists of a high-quality latex mask with synthetic hair – which includes details like the red eyes, spiral cheeks and the huge mouth of Billy the Puppet – and a black jacket with a white shirt, velvet vest and red bow tie.

3. Beatrix Kiddo from KILL BILL

Kill Bill


Consists of a yellow jumpsuit with zipper, belt and the stylish logos, as found on the original suit of the KILL BILL protagonist. Also includes a miniature replica of the Hattori Hanzo sword from KILL BILL VOLUME 1.



Modeled after the Ron Perlman character in HELLBOY, this costume includes the floor-length coat, the red HELLBOY Latex Mask with the sawed-off horns, an oversized, foam latex-padded glove and more.

1. Zombie Snow White

Zombie Snow White

This zombie costume for women includes the characteristic Walt Disney-style colored blue-and-yellow dress with a bloody latex ribcage detail and the red hairband.

You can check out more awesome Halloween costumes and accessories at the official website for Horror Shop!


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