Five for Frightening: 5 Favorite Halloween Costumes from Horror-Shop!


For fright fans, October is the most wonderful and wicked time of the year. But with Halloween getting closer every day, horrorheads are searching for the right costume for their Halloween festivities. Luckily, the frightening folks over at the Germany-based Horror Shop has set up a whole new U.S. Horror Shop, giving Americans an astounding selection of creepy costumes to choose from. Now, Horror Shop and FANGORIA are coming together to highlight five show-stopping horror costumes to help drop jaws and spin heads at parties and cons worldwide!



5. “Prom Nightmare”

Want to take on the iconic look of Carrie White yet hate the smell of pig’s blood? Horror-Shop has you covered with the “Prom Nightmare” costume, giving female fright fans the chance to embody the genre’s most petrifying prom queen!



4. “Scream Queen Devil”

For fans of Ryan Murphy’s horror comedy melodrama, taking on the mantle of the Red Devil from SCREAM QUEENS is just a click away. With the mask and cape from the first season’s eerie antagonist, you can turn your campus upside down with this ghoulish get-up.



3. “Zombie Lady”

Looking for something a bit more Gothic? With Horror-Shop’s ‘Zombie Lady’ costume, the spirit of horror both old and new comes for more modest, imaginative scare fanatics.



2. HELLRAISER Chatterer

Though most fright fans may gravitate towards Pinhead, dressing up as Chatterer separates the casual and hardcore horrorheads. Take your Halloween to the next level with this HELLRAISER costume!



1. Evil Ash Costume

Don’t be a little goody-two-shoes! Pick up this Evil Ash costume from ARMY OF DARKNESS and freak out the EVIL DEAD fans at your genre get-together!

You can check out more awesome post-Halloween horror decorations and accessories at Horror-Shop.com, and don’t forget to tell ’em FANGORIA sent ya!

About the author
Kristen Adelwerth

Kristen is a grad student studying screenwriting in New York, NY. She loves horror movies about dead teens and grew up with an insatiable appetite for bloody slasher flicks. Her favorite film is THE CONDEMNED.

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