First words, exclusive photo from Herschell Gordon Lewis on his new film “BLOODMANIA”


The Godfather of Gore is back, and he’s coloring Calgary, Alberta, Canada blood red with his latest effort, BLOODMANIA. In conjunction with Diabolique Films and HGB Entertainment, Lewis is joining the recent onslaught of independent filmmakers in their communal revival of the old-school horror anthology.

In doing so, he promises to deliver all the genuine shocks, grue and hilarity that today’s horror zealots crave. Fans of his early genre offerings will be happy to know that BLOODMANIA will retain the same level of absurdity and copious amounts of blood and guts upon which Lewis built his reputation in the ’60s and ’70s.

“I started all this mess way, way, way back with a little movie called BLOOD FEAST, with totally primitive effects that today would be laughable,” Lewis tells Fango. “And as the industry has sophisticated itself, the caliber of shock treatment has increased. [BLOODMANIA] has one element that most of them don’t: Instead of the shocks being created with computer-generated imagery, which is the current darling of so many of these pictures, ours are real, and the audience will know they’re real. That’s the kind of thing that I guess has given me notoriety in this business.”

BLOODMANIA consists of four segments that aren’t tied together in any way, aside from a shared emphasis on horrific humor, Lewis adds. But fans of the seminal Amicus Productions anthologies (TALES FROM THE CRYPT, THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD, VAULT OF HORROR) can expect a similar goodie bag full of frightfully fantastical fun. Stay tuned for more Fango coverage of BLOODMANIA soon, and see its Facebook page here.

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