First look: Elvira cover and full contents for FANGORIA #344!

Our next issue is busting out all over as we prepare for Halloween, featuring our favorite horror hostess and lots of frightful flicks. Read on for the full contents and cover!

Up front on FANGORIA #344 is Elvira, who has introduced generations to the joys of scary movies. Her alter ego, Cassandra Peterson, sits down for a lengthy dialogue about her long career and the great influence she’s had on fandom. We’ve also got a series of articles/filmmaker interviews on the best flicks that played this past summer’s Fantasia festival and are now headed for release, including the holiday anthologies TALES OF HALLOWEEN and A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY, the New Zealand heavy-metal gorefest DEATHGASM, the Elijah Wood-starring killer-kids adventure COOTIES and more! Then there’s a preview of the knockout horror/comedy THE FINAL GIRLS with director Todd Strauss-Schulson and star Taissa Farmiga; a chat with rising indie-horror star Tristan (AMERICAN MARY) Risk; reports from the sets of the Kane Hodder/Bill Moseley teamup OLD 37 and Takashi Miike’s new exercise in outrageousness, YAKUZA APOCALYPSE; and much more. Head down past the cover for the full details, and go here to subscribe to FANGORIA!



PREVIEW: “TALES OF HALLOWEEN” Axelle Carolyn and Neil Marshall are part of the ultimate cinematic All Hallows’ celebration.

PREVIEW: “DEATHGASM” Jason Lei Howden’s heavy-metal bash is not just about the climax, but gruesome peaks throughout.

PREVIEW: “A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY” The darker side of Yuletide comes early this year in an intertwined anthology.

FEATURE: “COOTIES” Elijah Wood et al. face rotten kids in Cary Murnion and Jonathan Milott’s splatter comedy.

FEATURE: WAKALIWOOD HORROR, PART ONE In the heart of Africa, a grassroots film scene has taken a sometimes bloody shape.

FEATURE: “SOME KIND OF HATE” The revenge of the bullied has a supernatural edge, courtesy of filmmaker Adam Egypt Mortimer.

RETROSPECTIVE: “SATAN’S CHILDREN,” PART TWO The Florida-based team killed themselves staging bizarre deaths on a tiny budget.

NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: “CALL GIRL OF CTHULHU” Chris LaMartina mixes the scary, sexy and silly sides of H.P. Lovecraft in one movie.

INTERVIEW: ELVIRA She’s been the biggest thing in horror hosting for decades. Plus: Elvira’s weird world of merchandise and an exclusive centerspread poster!

MINIFEATURE: “THE DIABOLICAL” Ali Larter tries to protect her family from a most unnatural home invasion.

INTERVIEW: TRISTAN RISK The “American Mary” actress is a woman of many, often unusual faces and roles.

PREVIEW: “THE FINAL GIRLS” Todd Strauss-Schulson directs a new highpoint of the meta-slasher subgenre. Plus: “Final” words from star Taissa Farmiga.

MINIFEATURE: AFTER DARK’S “SUSPENSION” Jeffery Lando’s twist on teen terror is one of eight new films to die for.

DIARY OF THE DEB: “DOLLFACE” In her latest killfest, Debbie faces a villain who’s anything but cute.

MINIFEATURE: “HOARDER” Sneaking into a creepy house gets this novel’s characters into a real mess.

MINIFEATURE: “RECOVERING 1940s HORROR CINEMA” A long-ignored decade in genre history gets its due from assorted authors.

ON SET: “YAKUZA APOCALYPSE” As Takashi Miike pits vampires against gangsters, Fango is in the thick of it.

ON SET: “OLD 37” When Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley play ambulance-driving brothers, stay off the road!

FEATURE: “RAGE” An award-winning frightfest about a motorcycle-riding madman has yet to drive into release.

FEATURE: THE I IN ANTICHRIST This addendum to Ken W. Hanley’s new book will help Satan’s spawn feel more secure.

INTERVIEW: DANI FILTH The Cradle of Filth frontman expresses his love of scary stuff through music.


FIRST RITES Elvira: horror’s gateway drug

POSTAL ZONE Anarchy from the UK

MONSTER INVASION Foster fear in “June”; “Electric Boogaloo” chronicles Cannon

VHS YES! “Auntie Lee’s Meat Pies” have a funny taste

THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Grindhouse’s deluxe Blu-rays of “The Beyond” and “Cannibal Ferox”

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