First look: Complete bloody GOREZONE #33 contents, plus cover


The next issue of GOREZONE is shipping soon, and we can now give you the full lineup of the crimson contents, covering boundary-pushing cinema old and new!

Our GOREZONE #33 cover story takes an in-depth look at the notorious “death tapes,” featuring exclusive interviews with the creators of the FACES OF DEATH, TRACES OF DEATH and DEATH SCENES series. We’ve also got words with Antonio Tentori, the scriptwriter who’s worked with practically every Italian horror maestro, Chris Woods and John Miller on their ultragraphic AMERIKAN HOLOKAUST and Evan Makrogiannis and Brian Weaver, creators of THE TURNPIKE KILLER and THE SUPER; a revealing essay on Wes Craven’s early adult-film career; a look back at the reality-based Japanese shocker MEN BEHIND THE SUN; Gregory Lamberson on his bloody-boobs opus KILLER RACK; a chat with up-and-coming genre actress Chanel (CIRCUS OF THE DEAD) Ryan; and lots more. See the full contents below the cover; to order this and other individual issues of GOREZONE, click here, and order full subscriptions here.


BLOOD FEST The allure of the atrocious

RETROSPECTIVE: “FACES OF DEATH” ET AL. The creators of the infamous “death tapes” speak of the horrors of reality.

PREVIEW: “KILLER RACK” Boy, do the victims in Gregory Lamberson’s horror-laffer feel like boobs.

INTERVIEW: ANTONIO TENTORI He’s had a hand in scripting numerous films for the masters of gialli and zombie mayhem.

INTERVIEW: JAMES CULLEN BRESSACK Among other experiences, this director has given viewers “My Pure Joy” and a dip in “Blood Lake.”

TOM SAVINI’S MAKEUP FX LAB Do you have “Burning” questions about the creation of Cropsy and his victims?

INTERVIEW: CHRIS WOODS AND JOHN MILLER U.S.A. means Ugly, Savage and Angry in their gorefest “Amerikan Holokaust.”

INTERVIEW: EVAN MAKROGIANNIS AND BRIAN WEAVER Who says New York City is safer now? Not according to the makers of “The Turnpike Killer” and “The Super.”

RETROSPECTIVE: “RED VELVET” This undeservedly neglected fright flick brought new colors to the palette of fear.

BLACKEST NOTES Whether in Anthrax or S.O.D., Scott Ian has been thrashing out memorable metal for decades.

RETROSPECTIVE: “THE FIREWORKS WOMAN” Unearthing this Wes Craven obscurity reveals an adult film with more than one thing on its mind.

RETROSPECTIVE: “MEN BEHIND THE SUN” You can’t keep telling yourself this Japanese shocker is only a movie.

INTERVIEW: CHANEL RYAN Facing creatures, killer clowns and more, the actress always makes sure to bring the craft.

SPLATTER HALL OF FAME David Cronenberg’s “Scanners” mind-blower

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