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Is there a more recognizable theme in the horror world than that for HALLOWEEN? Now, nearly 40 years since it was written, the HALLOWEEN theme and many other of horror’s finest compositions are reaching live audiences for the very first time as John Carpenter embarks on his first ever world tour as a tried-and-true rock star. In honor of this incredible new chapter in the 68-year-old filmmaker’s career, FANGORIA is putting John Carpenter and his bandmates, Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies, on the cover of our June issue, FANGORIA #347.

Alongside a full interview with The Horror Master, FANGORIA #347 will also feature interviews with genre icons old and new. On the side of newer blood, James Wan’s chat with FANGORIA on THE CONJURING 2 puts a spotlight on his latest…and potentially last…directorial effort in the horror genre. Meanwhile, Eli Roth offers his wicked words on his latest production, the Jon Watts-helmed CLOWN. And rising author Joe Hill talks with FANGO about his new apocalyptic novel THE FIREMAN, which cements his status as a literary prince of darkness.

As for the old guard, FANGO flashes back with William Malone, the HALLOWEEN mask-maker turned horror filmmaker, as we examine his criminally underrated fright filmography. FANGORIA also pays tribute to one of Fulci’s most insane offerings, CAT IN THE BRAIN, as we talk to Grindhouse Releasing’s David Szulkin about the film’s summerlong theatrical tour. And FANGORIA allows Gary Tunnicliffe to bid a proper farewell to his 25-year career in horror FX, covering his surreal experiences working with Clive Barker, David Fincher, Wes Craven, and many more.

Speaking of Tunnicliffe, FANGORIA #347 will proudly feature the first word and first official look at Pinhead in HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT. Featuring exclusive pictures from the film’s set as well as a sneak preview of one of HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT’s most disturbing sequences, this is one feature our loyal readers won’t want to miss.

Meanwhile, FANGORIA has many more exciting pieces in store: Seth Rogen & Dominic Cooper talking PREACHER, the FX of the upcoming indie slasher KILLER WAVES, an examination of Eugenio Mira’s unreleased directorial debut THE BIRTHDAY, an early look at the upcoming horror series AGE OF THE LIVING DEAD, a set visit to the FX-heavy film BLACKBURN, a look inside the world of Crypt TV, a one-on-one with SHE-WOLF’s Rich Tommaso, a look behind the curtain with the hosts of FANGO’s podcast THE HORROR SHOW, and even a chat with Adult Swim’s DINNER special maestro Jason Woliner.

FANGORIA #347 will also feature columns old and new as well, with the grand return of “Cyclops Eye” and our “Chopping List.” This issue’s edition of “Monster Invasion” shines a light on upcoming fright features DEAD BODY and LAST GIRL STANDING, while we offer up three brand new columns: the Music-centric “Blood Drops” (curated by Shawn Macomber), our gaming-focused “Kill Screen” boots up with a retrospective on Rockstar’s MANHUNT, and “VHS Yes!” undergoes a facelift to become “Cult Corner” as Albert Pyun reflects on RADIOACTIVE DREAMS.

FANGORIA #347 will be available digitally through the FANGORIA store early next week, with the physical issue hitting shelves shortly afterwards. Current FANGORIA subscribers will receive their complimentary digital copy of FANGORIA #347 on the day of its release. Pre-orders for the print edition of FANGORIA #347 will be available shortly. For those who missed our previous update, FANGORIA #345 and #346 will be releasing simultaneously to subscribers and pre-orders set exclusively through the FANGORIA store later this month.

FANGORIA thanks our loyal, patient readers, and you can take a full look at FANGORIA #347’s guts and gravy below!



INTERVIEW: JOHN CARPENTER From filmmaker to rock star, John Carpenter kicks off a new chapter in his 40-plus-year career with his first-ever world tour.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: WILLIAM MALONE Underrated but not forgotten, William Malone has gone from “Halloween” mask-maker to Master of Horror.

INTERVIEW: JOE HILL Joe Hill burns down expectations and genre limitations with his apocalyptic new novel “The Fireman.”

INTERVIEW: JAMES WAN Returning to the genre that made him a horror icon, James Wan re-opens the case files of The Warrens for “The Conjuring 2.”

FEATURE: “PREACHER” AMC’s small screen adaptation looks to spread the gospel of Garth Ennis’ shocking comic property.

INTERVIEW: ELI ROTH This contemporary horror helmer isn’t fooling around when it comes to his gruesome production “Clown.”

EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: “THE BIRTHDAY” FANGORIA exhumes Eugenio Mira’s brilliant yet sadly unreleased directorial debut, “The Birthday.”

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: GARY J. TUNNICLIFFE This master of the practical closes the book on his prolific yet petrifying FX career.

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: “HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT” FANGORIA has the first official look at “Hellraiser: Judgment,” including the new Pinhead!

FEATURE: CRYPT TV Practical FX and marketplace savvy help make Crypt TV a beast of its own.

PREVIEW: “AGE OF THE LIVING DEAD” Get a glimpse of the new vampire series from the producer of “The Lost Boys: The Thirst.”

ON SET: “BLACKBURN” Blood will boil with this gruesome new horror offering.

INTERVIEW: RICH TOMMASO The surreal comic book creator gets experimental with “She-Wolf.”

FX PREVIEW: “KILLER WAVES” Hang ten with Acid Bath Productions’ latest gorefest.

FEATURE: “CAT IN THE BRAIN” Grindhouse Releasing brings Fulci’s meta-slasher to U.S. cinemas for the first time.

INTERVIEW: THE HORROR SHOW This podcast is not afraid to draw blood from your favorite (and not-so-favorite) horror films.

FEATURE: JASON WOLINER This comedy filmmaker brings existential horror to Adult Swim with “Brett Gelman’s Dinner in America” special.



EXORDIUM New Blood, Old Veins

MONSTER INVASION Features on “Last Girl Standing” and “Dead Body”

CHOPPING LIST Horror Hitting Shelves in June 2016

BLOOD DROPS This new horror music column details the synth-driven “Form Hell”

KILL SCREEN Our new horror gaming column looks back at the controversial “Manhunt”

CYCLOPS EYE FANGORIA’s two-cents on the latest home video viscera

CULT CORNER Another new section debuts with Albert Pyun talking “Radioactive Dreams”

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