First Look: Carlos Enrique Taboada Doc, “JIRON”

HERE COMES THE DEVIL filmmakers Adrian Garcia Bogliano and Andrea Quiroz have teamed with Mexican journalist and first time director Christian Cueva for JIRÓN, a doc on the last, lost film of Mexican horror master Carlos Enrique Taboada. Fango is proud to bring first word on the film, which will make its World Premiere this fall at Mexico’s Morbido Film Festival.

Last November, I was invited on an unreal trip to Mexico for the annual Morbido Fest, a genre celebration that took place in the beautiful town of Pátzcuaro. There, HERE COMES THE DEVIL and PENUMBRA director Adrian Bogliano spoke a great deal of Mexican director Carlos Enrique Taboada and his work, especially his POISON FOR THE FAIRIES. Though familiar with Taboada’s classically spooky EVEN THE WIND IS AFRAID (Hasta el viento tiene miedo) but little else, it occurred to me the horror filmmaker was entirely undercelebrated. Hopefully, that tide can begin to turn with JIRÓN.

Directed by Cueva and produced by Bogliano and Qurioz and their Salto de Fe Films, JIRÓN investigates the disappearance of Taboada’s film JIRÓN DE NIEBLA (SHRED OF MIST, 1988), lost under mysterious circumstances surrounded by political intrigue. JIRÓN DE NIEBLA became Taboada’s final film before his death in 1997 and though it was finished, it disappeared before release and remains missing.

Cueva says, “The importance of this documentary is to reveal one of the best kept secrets of Mexican horror cinema. Not only will it be exciting for Taboada’s fans, but for horror movie fans around the world to know the truth behind JIRÓN DE NIEBLA and discover the world of the best genre director this country had.”

Bogliano explains, “JIRÓN DE NIEBLA is a missing link in the history of Mexican horror cinema, since it was made in the worst period for the Mexican film industry and it’s the gap between the classic period and the new period that would start a couple years later with Guillermo del Toro’s CRONOS.”

Up top is the first still from JIRÓN. Below, find a never-before-released photo from Taboada’s JIRÓN DE NIEBLA. Keep an eye on Fango for much more on JIRON and Morbido Fest, soon.


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