First info, trailer, exclusive poster: “HITCHHIKER MASSACRE”


Descendants of the great Barrymore and Carradine acting families are part of HITCHHIKER MASSACRE, whose executive producer created the HBO series THE HITCHHIKER back in the ’80s. Read on for the details, the trailer and an exclusive poster.

Written and directed by James L. Bills and produced by Jason Horton (whose own helming credits include EDGES OF DARKNESS and MONSTERS IN THE WOODS), HITCHHIKER MASSACRE is about…exactly what it sounds like it’s about, with the extra grisly touch of the madman selling his victims’ body parts, cooking up the remains and serving them to the public. John Blyth Barrymore (grandson of John), Calista Carradine (daughter of David), Ely LaMay, Veronica Lavery, James Bartholet, Katherine Cronyn, Jasmine Rio, Rocky Christopher, Stephanie Gerard and Allen Perada star. Exec producer Ivan Nagy has TV and movie credits dating back to the ’70s; among others, he directed the Ted Raimi/Traci Lords-starrer SKINNER. His production company Retrofocus has a five-picture slate going into production over the next eight months in association with Horton’s Zapruter Productions, and Horton gave us the scoop on what’s up next:

“The next flick on the Retrofocus slate is CHOPHOUSE, written and directed by me. It focuses on a desperate group of people trapped in an abandoned butcher house by a family of urban cannibals. After that, we’re doing WORM, written by me and directed by James L. Bills, about a group of vampire hunters attempting to cure vampirism—but once they test the virus, it creates a monster that’s much worse. Then comes EXIT, written and directed by me,” in which heroin addicts fleeing a botched deal seek refuge in an art studio, where they and the employees are terrorized by a mysterious figure. The last two movies in the lineup will be announced soon.


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