Finally! “WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS” Acquired for U.S. Release

New Zealand vampire comedy WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS—written and directed by, and starring Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi—is unreal funny. It’s an audience picture through and through. I’ve seen the film three times at two separate festivals and watched crowds get rightfully uproarious at this rich, hilarious mock doc on bloodsucking roommates making their way in modern Wellington. Why it’s taken so long to secure a U.S. release is beyond me, but the good news is here.

The Orchard, who’ve recently been in Fango news thanks to their distribution partnership with friends Shock Till You Drop, have joined forces with Unison and Funny or Die for the planned release of WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS. In the film, a group vampires of various ages and eras, room together in modern day New Zealand. They party, prey and prank. It’s wonderful.

No word on a planned date just yet, but THR reports The Orchard will handle digital and home release, while Unison Films will distribute theatrically. For more on the film, see our Sundance review here and the trailer (with a playlist of clips) below.

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