Filmmakers to Release Indie Horror “LYLE” Free; First Trailer

Written and directed by Stewart Thorndike and starring acclaimed actress Gaby Hoffmann (OBVIOUS CHILD, CRYSTAL FAIRY), LYLE is a contemporary indie ode to ROSEMARY’S BABY and the first in a series of female-focused horror from the filmmaker. In anticipation of the proposed cycle of fright features and the upcoming Kickstarter for the next, Thorndike has opted to showcase the award-winning LYLE to any and everyone free this August online, as its official release.

“I’m psyched to share LYLE for free. I love the fact that anyone with an internet connection will be able to watch and I also love getting out some female-driven, female-perspective horror — something I’m passionate about,” said Director/Writer Stewart Thorndike. “The hope and dream and prayer is that people will like LYLE and want to support our next project, PUTNEY.”

In LYLE, Hoffmann stars as Leah, who “begins to question the motives of her partner, friends and neighbors as a pregnant lesbian confronted by an unspeakable evil brings out a primal terror that’s difficult to shake.”

LYLE debuted at the 2014 Outfest, where Hoffmann garnered the Grand Jury Best Actress Award. The film will premiere online at LyleMovie this August 4th, coinciding with the launch of the aforementioned Kickstarter for PUTNEY. Expect more on LYLE, and words from Thorndike here at Fango soon.


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