Festival Favorites, Cannibal Dinners and Udo Kier lead Helsinki’s Night Visions Festival

A figurative menu of fantastic genre festival favorites is coming to Finland’s Night Visions this month alongside an actual menu to accompany four of those more cannibal-minded selections.

Underway from October 30-November 3 at the Maxim and Kinopalatsi Theaters in Helsinki, Night Visions is Finland’s oldest festival and boasts a heavy focus on genre and the fantastic. This year, audiences will soak up some of the best 2013 has to offer including the acclaimed BIG BAD WOLVES and BORGMAN; Adrian Bogliano’s unsettling lo-fi HERE COMES THE DEVIL; the insanity of V/H/S/2; Xan Cassavetes’ saucy KISS OF THE DAMNED; Helene Cattet & Bruno Forzani’s arresting, surreal THE STRANGE COLOUR OF YOUR BODY’S TEARS; the entire Cornetto Trilogy and more!

Leading the special events however is something truly awesome. The Night Visions Culinary Cinema selection includes four features and two dinners arranged around the theme from local gourmet chefs & cocktail wizards from the acclaimed Helsinki restaurant A21.

On Thursday, October 31st, the dinner is followed by LORD OF DARKNESS (a.k.a. SAWNEY: FLESH OF MAN), an independent feature film that tells the story of Scottish cannibal Sawney Bean and his murderous, inbred family. Then on Friday, November 1st, Jim Mickle’s excellent WE ARE WHAT WE ARE accompanies a special meal. Both take place at A21 Flavour Studio, located at what was once Helskin’s main slaughterhouse, (“Teurastamo”). Night Visions’ Mikko Aromaa tells Fango, “This is a location they started renovating for recreational and cultural purposes just about eighteen months ago à la the Meatpacking district in New York. And the room in which the dinners are served was in fact one of the slaughtering rooms on the premises back in the old days. You can in fact still see the real stains of blood on the walls of the room.”

Night Visions will also play host to an Udo Kier tribute featuring BLOOD FOR DRACULA, FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN, HOUSE ON STRAW HILL and DOCTOR JEKYLL AND HIS WOMAN and see the world premiere of the nutso-sounding NIGHTSATAN AND THE LOOPS OF DOOM. A 24-minute post apocalypstic sci-fi epic directed by emerging Finnish talent CHRZU, NIGHTSATAN stars the members of the Finnish laser metal trio of the same name.

For much more on Night Visions, visit the festival’s official site here.

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