FEARNet Opens The Vault for new Horror Commentary Series


Commentary tracks can be essential. There’s always something interesting in hearing about the process that a film goes through while being made. What is sometimes more interesting though, is hearing from others about a film that they weren’t involved in; How actors, writers, and film experts view well-regarded films and bring new observations to the table. FEARNET has made it a priority to bring fans and films together and with that in mind, they’ve revealed their latest endeavor: The Vault.

The new series will feature two free-to-view films from some of horror’s most influential directors—including Dario Argento, George Romero, Lucio Fulci, William Lustig, and Gary Sherman—with picture in picture commentary from some of horror’s top experts and beloved actors. Who might that be?

For starters, Fango’s own Rebekah McKendry, Bad Ass Digest’s Brian Collins,Shock Till You Drop’s Ryan Turek; directors Mike Mendez (BIG ASS SPIDER, GHOST DANCERS), Drew Daywalt (CAMERA OBSCURA), and Dave Parker (THE HILLS RUN RED); actors will be well represented by Ted Raimi (DRAG ME TO HELL), Amber Benson (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER), Derek Mears (FRIDAY THE 13th) and A.J. Bowen (YOU’RE NEXT).

“We’re always trying out new things at FEARNET,” said President Peter Block. “…there are some similarities between those people who go to the linear channel and the VOD channel, but they’re not exactly the same. They want different things from the programming there. They want to interact in a different way.”

Vice President Lawrence Raffel, who spearheaded The Vault project, gave me a little back story on how it came about. “One of the things we looked at, when we were looking at these titles to run online, was things we could do to enhance the experience for the user.  One thing that we noticed is that these were not only really great titles for the hardcore horror fans, but great introductory titles for people who may not be as familiar with them. So the idea came about because FEARNET is friends with many influencers in the genre, from actors, to producers, to journalists, who are fans of these films, so we provided the means to do fan commentary.”

“The truth of the matter is that everyone is always excited about the flashy new thing,” adds Block. “They’ll talk about the remake of a movie without talking about the original so much, or the guy who is directing all the movies now but not talk about the guy who was doing it a decade ago or two or three. As Lawrence points out, we’re not only fans, but curators. People look to us not only to have discussions with, but to help focus them on what they should be talking about. Where are those forgotten gems that should be included in horror thriller 101? We really want to remind people that horror isn’t just popular today, but for many, many years. We need to go back and revisit some of these older gems from these great directors because there’s a lot to talk about.”

Be sure to check out The Vault for these great films and insightful commentary, now available at FEARNET.

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