Fantastic Fest ’14 Trailer: “LA CASA MUDA” Director’s “LOCAL GOD”

In what looks like an Uruguayan alternative to AS ABOVE/SO BELOW, LOCAL GOD sees a rock band enter a cave and encounter their pasts.

From director Gustavo Hernandez (LA CASA MUDA, aka THE SILENT HOUSE), LOCAL GOD will World Premiere this September at Fantastic Fest. In the film, “a young three-piece rock band (played by Mariana Olivera, Gabriela Freire and Agustín Urrutia) set out to write a concept album about their lives. While filming music videos for the album, the trio stumbles across an abandoned gold mine. The mine is guarded by a “local god”—an ancient carved idol intended to frighten the mine workers. Once the idol is disturbed by the group, a horrible force is unleashed (Fantastic Fest).”

Hernandez’s LA CASA MUDA garnered acclaim for an eerie aesthetic that followed its character through a house of horror in one, single take. Though seemingly more traditional in style, the Fantastic Fest Film Guide implies LOCAL GOD isn’t generic. Apparently, the structure of the film is closely tied to the characters’ band and the album they seek to create, unfolding in chapters and using the fictional band’s songs.

See the first trailer, below and keep an eye on Fango for much more from Fantastic Fest 2014.

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