Fantasia ’15: Exclusive “CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY” premiere pics, release news


On Monday night, yours truly had the pleasure of hosting the world premiere of A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY, a holiday horror anthology from the GINGER SNAPS series team, at Montreal’s Fantasia festival. Read on for some exclusive photos and word of when the film is coming out.

A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY weaves together a quartet of terror tales set on Christmas Eve in the small town of Bailey Downs, involving Santa Claus facing a monstrous threat, teens investigating a crucifixion murder, a family whose tree-cutting trip has horrific consequences and Krampus, the “anti-Santa” demon that punishes the naughty, with occasional appearances by William Shatner as DJ “Dangerous Dan.” Attending the screening were (first photo standing, left to right with a Krampus bust from the movie) producer Mark Smith, director/producer Steven Hoban and Krampus actor Rob Archer, along with (bottom photo, fourth through sixth) screenwriters Doug Taylor, Sarah Larsen and Pascal Trottier. Brett Sullivan of GINGER SNAPS: UNLEASHED and Grant Harvey of GINGER SNAPS BACK: THE BEGINNING also helmed segments, and James Kee was also part of the scripting team.

It was revealed during the post-film Q&A that A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY will be unleashed by RLJ/Image Entertainment to theaters and VOD in October, with disc release to follow. Stay tuned for further updates and coverage! (First three photos by Isabelle Stephen, last photo by King-Wei Chu)








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