Fantasia ’14: Director/star reveals plans beyond “SUMMER OF BLOOD”


Making its international premiere tonight at Montreal’s Fantasia festival, SUMMER OF BLOOD is an atypical, personalized vampire horror/comedy, and its creator told FANGORIA that it’s the first in a series of films he’d like to make on the subject.

Writer/director Onur Tukel also stars in SUMMER OF BLOOD as Erik, a Brooklyn slacker who’s unable to commit to his girlfriend or much of anything else. Then he gets bitten by a vampire late one night, and finds himself suddenly irresistible to women—yet still hangs onto his selfish attitudes. At the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year, Fango spoke to Tukel, and learned that he plans to take his character through a couple of follow-ups. “I don’t know what’s gonna happen as far as the success of this movie—these films are very hard to break out—but I’m writing a sequel right now called CRADLE OF BLOOD, and I want to do AUTUMN OF BLOOD after that. I see them as kind of a trilogy; if the first movie is about fear of commitment or marriage, CRADLE OF BLOOD is about the fear of having children, you know what I mean? I’m almost finished with the script, and it’s something I feel very strongly about. It’s told more from the point of view from Anna Margaret’s character [of Erik’s girlfriend Jody]; she’s way more of a focal point of the movie. It’s about deciding, ‘Do we want to be parents? Do we love our kid? Do we want to commit ourselves to the baby?’

“Then the third movie, AUTUMN OF BLOOD, would be tied in to the death of the leaves on the trees, and it would be about fear of death. The idea there would be, and I guess this is kind of a SPOILER, that the vampires think they’re immortal, but then they find out they can get a disease that can actually kill them. Those three kinds of fears are interesting to me, and I like the idea of exploring those elements in each one. Yeah, these are vampire movies, but what’s cool is that you can play around with the metaphor of vampires, and have them represent something else.”

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