FANGORIA’s Ken Hanley Pens New Book, “THE I IN EVIL”


Readers of both FANGORIA magazine and especially Fangoria.com (as well as our sister website Starlog.com) know the name Ken Hanley. Ken started as an intern with Fango some years back and has parlayed his passion for strange cinema into a prominent role writing and co-editing our sites, as well as contributing to a myriad other publications.

And now, Hanley is poised to pen his first book, called “THE I IN EVIL”.

Here’s the synopsis:

A satire of contemporary self-help books, “THE I IN EVIL” is a motivational book aimed at the one group that no professional has ever dared to offer advice: Monsters. In “THE I IN EVIL”, Hanley offers a unique, absurd twist on the self-help genre in the hopes to finally answer some of the biggest questions in the Monster community. How can Frankenstein’s Monster live with an identity crisis? How can The Mummy live past the expectations of its curse? How can Dracula feed from the innocent and be a productive member of society? You will find out all of this and more in Hanley’s hilarious and biting ode to classic horror, “THE I IN EVIL.”

“As a lover of all things horror, I originally pitched something much more commercial to (publisher) Skyhorse,” Hanley tells us. “But having seen my work with FANGORIA, Skyhorse actually encouraged me to offer something a little more outside the box. I don’t quite think they know that they opened Pandora’s Box, but with ‘THE I IN EVIL,’ they’re getting my sensibilities for horror and comedy completely without filter, and it’s something horror fans have never really seen before.”

“THE I IN EVIL” is due out from Skyhorse Publishing in 2015. Keep an eye out at Skyhorse for more details soon.


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