This month, programmer Rodney Perkins – lead features programmer of Austin’s Fantastic Fest and director of its new film market Mercado Fantastico – selects Rafael Antonio Ruiz’ violent revenge comedy to the latest installment of our ongoing SCREAMERS series!

“Stylishly violent, like a graphic novel that pulsatively pops with one instantly-iconic, carefully-crafted image after another.”

A victim of childhood bullying decides she will no longer suffer silently in this darkly comic tale of revenge. The short stars Jennymarie Jemison (from this year’s SXSW Audience Award Winner ZERO CHARISMA and Lone Star Award Winner LOVES HER GUN) as Holly, a geek girl whose passion for vengeance grows quickly out of her control.

Directed by Rafael Antonio Ruiz (HOLY HELL- Austin Film Fest selection & first movie to premiere on the iPad), THE QUIET GIRL’S GUIDE TO VIOLENCE premiered at Fantastic Fest 2012.

Curator's Note:
THE QUIET GIRL’S GUIDE TO VIOLENCE is a Christmas-themed revenge tale that combines violence and black humor. Holly (played Jennymarie Jemison, who also co-wrote the film) was bullied as a kid.  Now that she is an adult, Holly can’t let go of her bad childhood memories and lashes out against her tormentors—usually with a baseball bat.

Many shorts have a basic construction that involves a simple setup leading to a punchline. THE QUIET GIRL’S GUIDE TO VIOLENCE is different. Director and co-writer Rafeal Antonio Ruiz integrates a compelling narrative, weird characters, and well-earned violence into a tight 15 minute package. In addition to playing Fantastic Fest in 2012, this Austin-bred short also screened at fests such as Seattle International Film Festival and Telluride Horror Show.  (Rodney Perkins)

Fantastic Fest runs this year from September 19-26th, 2013. Full lineup to be posted shortly at www.fantasticfest.com !

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