FANGORIA & Scream Factory’s NYC “SLEEPAWAY CAMP” Screening Recap!


When walking into New York City’s Cinema Village last Monday, May 19th, any horror fan could tell you there was palpable excitement in the air. After all, one of the ’80s most treasured slasher gems, SLEEPAWAY CAMP, was going to be unveiled to anxious fans for the first time in high definition, courtesy of FANGORIA and Scream Factory. While devotees of the film knew the twists and the turns that would play out before them, there was certainly some real life developments that none of us could have predicted.

Of course, the screening began with a short introduction from FANGORIA’s Editor Emeritus Tony Timpone, who greeted fans and announced the guests in attendance:  SLEEPAWAY CAMP director Robert Hiltzik, actor Paul DeAngelo  and actor Frank Sorrentino. However, the first surprise of the night came in the announcement that the Q&A was to be filmed for Sorrentino’s new TVGN reality show, aptly titled THE SORRENTINOS. Shortly after, the lights went down and the audience prepared themselves to return to Camp Arawak.

SLEEPAWAY CAMP was as fun as ever, thanks to the excited New York crowd who cheered at every rousing line and gasped at every shocking kill. And when the film’s major twist hit, the audience roared, clapping all the way into the credit roll. As the lights came up, the TVGN camera crew came out of hiding and the guests made their way up to the stage.


Tony Timpone moderated the Q&A session, firstly asking Hiltzik about the genesis of the project and its legacy. Hiltzik then passed around the microphone to DeAngelo, who reiterated how grateful he’s been for the film, and then to Sorrentino, who announced to the crowd that much of his family—including his famous brother Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino—had never seen the film until this very evening.

Shortly after a few questions about their experiences on the film, Timpone gave way to the crowd, who would have the chance to win a Blu-ray of the film and a poster. The first question regarded the notorious false mustache on the cop in the third act, which gave Hiltzik and the cast the chance to discuss the sporadic and sprawling shooting schedule of the film. The second fan asked about the prospect of a SLEEPAWAY CAMP remake, which FANGORIA reported exclusively here. The next fan asked DeAngelo if he still kept his skimpy shorts from the film, which garnered a big laugh from the crowd and actor alike, who stated that he still has all of his original wardrobe.

The last question however, came from Sorrentino’s younger brother, Marc, who asked Hiltzik, “Is what happened to Judy what I think happened?” to which Hiltzik chuckled and knowingly said, “That all depends on what you think happened.” That brought the Q&A to a close and lead to Hiltzik, DeAngelo and Sorrentino’s autograph session in the Cinema Village lobby, which drew a line far beyond the door.

The screening was a truly excellent time, and FANGORIA would like to thank the Cinema Village, Robert Hiltzik, Paul DeAngelo, Frank Sorrentino, Scream Factory and all of the New York horror fans who helped make it happen. You can check out SLEEPAWAY CAMP for yourself in glorious high definition right now, as Scream Factory’s Blu-ray hits shelves today.


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