FANGORIA Podcast Network: Tune In to “MONSTER PARTY”, British Horror Edition with Comedian Greg Proops!


What is it about British Horror that bleeds so effortlessly into nightmares around the world? Is it the classic Gothic nature of Hammer Horror? How about the worldly depravity of Ken Russell and Robin Hardy? Or is it the desire to push dread to its limit, as any fan of Neil Marshall or Ben Wheatley can attest to? Turns out there’s no simple answer, as we learn on this week’s episode of MONSTER PARTY when our fearless hosts and actor/comedian Greg Proops taste the blood of British Horror!

That’s right: no one is safe on this week’s MONSTER PARTY podcast as hosts Matt Weinhold, Shawn Sheridan, Larry Strothe and James Gonis sit down with improv great Greg Proops scour the landscape of horror from across the pond. Horror hounds can get schooled on the classics to the contemporaries of English scare fare as our hosts bond and bicker over the haunting history of British Horror, and perhaps even find yourself taking stock of some obscure UK terror titles!monsterparty

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