FANGORIA Podcast Network: “THE RANTS MACABRE” Gets Historical With “THE WITCH”!


Following their unwrapping of Joel Edgerton’s THE GIFT last week, THE RANTS MACABRE continues their prestigious fright film streak with a look at one of 2016’s most highly anticipated terror titles. So with a look at the film and the horrific history of witchcraft in America, Darren & Mindy come face to face this week with Robert Eggers’ THE WITCH!

That’s right: on the latest installment of THE RANTS MACABRE, Darren & Mindy offer their first impression on THE WITCH, the New England Folktale that aims to terrify audiences on February 19th from A24 Films. Our hosts talk about the historical accuracy of the horror film as well as the real history of witch persecution in America, including the Salem Witch Trials and more.

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