FANGORIA Podcast Network: “THE HORROR SHOW” says Goodnight to “SEE NO EVIL”!


For longtime fans of sports entertainment, the bleedover between WWE and the horror genre is quite noticeable. Whether you’ve got The Undertaker, The Wyatt Family or any of the other myriad creepy wrestlers from throughout WWE history, there’s always been room for things to get darker and more wicked in professional wrestling, which certain translated into WWE Films’ horror output. And for this week’s installment of THE HORROR SHOW, Sean & Joe square off in a handicap match against WWE Films’ first genre endeavor, SEE NO EVIL!

Watch your eyes, look out for hooks and put your cell phones on ‘silent’: you’ll be joining THE HORROR SHOW for the very first starring role of WWE superstar Glenn “Kane” Jacobs. Will our horror hosts relish the stylized slasher film? Or will Sean & Joe see the bad side of SEE NO EVIL?

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