While streaming and binge-watching certainly has its perks, there are a few things that the digital age quite can’t replicate from the days of event television. Whether it’s the suspenseful week-long wait between episodes or the nostalgic factor of cheesy old shot-on-video commercials, television used to feel more like a ritual than a way to pass time, and nothing spoke to that element than late night programming. But perhaps what the digital age is most sorely lacking is the one-and-only MONSTERVISION, the macabre movie series with horror host Joe Bob Briggs turning Saturday Nights into a fright fan’s mecca, and this week, THE HORROR SHOW pays tribute to the dearly departed cable showcase!

That’s right: Sean and Joe are kicking off their MONSTERVISION retrospective this week, discussing one of Sean’s favorite installments, the effect Joe Bob Briggs had on our young horror hosts and even get in the MONSTERVISION spirit with their own twist on the Drive-In Totals Game! Will Sean & Joe get caught up in the frightening fun of MONSTERVISION past? And is it about time that someone, somewhere do the horror world a favor and #BringBackMonsterVision?!

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