While Christmastime is almost upon us, some horror hounds are putting their eyes towards other festive celebrations. In the case of the FANGORIA Podcast Network, this winter holds the 2015 edition of The Stannys, the official award show of THE HORROR SHOW. And while the Stannys are not here just yet, hosts Sean & Joe pave the road to the award ceremony with an episode on short-form holiday horror!

Celebrating the one-year anniversary of THE HORROR SHOW, our horrified hosts take a look at the “And All Through The House” segment from Amicus’ 1972 TALES FROM THE CRYPT film before turning their sights to Jason Eisener’s splattery short film TREEVENGE. Whether it’s Christmas Tree carnage or the sad, confused killer Santa, THE HORROR SHOW is getting in the Christmas spirit on the way to the Stannys. Furthermore, THE HORROR SHOW is officially taking requests for Stanny categories at their official Facebook page as well!


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