As February carries on, THE GIRLS IN THE BACK ROW are continuing their eerie series “Love Kills,” discussing the most lurid and emotional horror romances from throughout horror history. Simultaneously, THE GIRLS IN THE BACK ROW celebrate Women in Horror Month with these discussions as well, highlighting the performances and contributions that help redefine the genre from women across the globe. And for their second installment, Kate & Tab set their sights on Lucky McKee’s wicked and acclaimed love story, MAY!

Starring actress/filmmaker Angela Bettis, THE GIRLS IN THE BACK ROW stitch themselves together for the creepy cult classic, with Kate experiencing the film for the first time. Kate & Tab discuss Bettis’ stellar performance and McKee’s excellent audience manipulation, such as how easy it is to identify and sympathize with such a gruesome character. Furthermore, THE GIRLS IN THE BACK ROW talk about THE HUNGER after attending the Alamo Drafthouse Denver’s tribute to David Bowie and Tab discusses her annual tradition of reading LES MISERABLES and A TALE OF TWO CITIES back to back.

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