FANGORIA Podcast Network: “SPLAT CHAT” talks “MARTYRS” (2016) with The Goetz Brothers!


Horror fans are loyal, dedicated to their favorite works, and unsure how to feel about remakes. Alright, most of us straight up don’t like remakes, and struggle to maintain our open mindedness. On one hand, William Friedkin compares film remakes to various stage presentations of the same play. After all, is it so irrational for a director to recreate existing stories and characters in their own image, with the same artistic merit as an original? If it’s okay to adapt plays, comic books, novels, and video games, why not other films?

On the other hand, when a film has already made a cinematic imprint for its distinct qualities, such as the 2008 French favorite, MARTYRS, fans are expected to approach a remake with hesitation – especially if the remake promises to omit the principal components of the original piece: THE GORE!

Kevin and Michael Goetz are a pair of brother/directors, previously known for their feature debut, SCENIC ROUTE, and known still for their work in high-end commercial production. While the remake of MARTYRS was announced soon after the original’s release, the Goetz Bros were not attached until much later. The reason they were approached for this particular film, from what I gather, is on the strength of the psychological impact of SCENIC ROUTE. Before signing on, the duo hadn’t seen Martyrs, but in studying it, found a new angle to address the underlying human torment – an angle that would prove digestible to a greater audience. Make no mistake… I <3 GORE, but I see no wrong in recreating a work for a different demographic… so long as it’s done well.

In any case, SPLAT CHAT: On DIY Horror does not exist to criticize films nor filmmakers, but learn from them. And despite the poor Skype connection of this most festive Episode 10, you will learn exactly how Kevin and Micheal spearheaded the industry with an innovative spec ad, and how the commercial industry properly equipped them for feature narratives. And I promise, when the sound starts to get rough, it isn’t for long!

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