FANGORIA Podcast Network: “SPLAT CHAT” Collects “THE HOARDER” Director Matt Winn!

As I move forward in pre-production of my feature debut, I can’t help but share the details of my journey. It is quite possibly the most thrilling experience of my life thus far, to secure a cast and crew with excitement for the project, and tremendous initiative. In this episode, I begin with a cast announcement, as well as explaining my ideals of an enthusiastic cast and crew.

After another great tip from Matt Bauer on How to Be a Boss Ass Editor, I am most pleased to share my chat with director Matt Winn. Matt’s new horror film, THE HOARDER is now on VOD and DVD from RLJ Entertainment, and as much as I enjoyed it, I’m more excited to see his future works. Like all my favorite guests, Matt was both honest and humble. But what stuck out most for me, was Matt’s willingness to explore cinema beyond the genre-pigeonhole. You can find out more about THE HOARDER HERE and be sure to follow Winn on Twitter HERE.

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Steve Craig
Steve Craig is a writer, producer, director, and shameless film/music buff known for his YouTube personality, CinemanSteve, as well as in-depth interview style on the Fangoria podcast "SPLAT CHAT: On DIY Horror." Steve is currently co-directing his feature debut, "Waking Nightmare." You can reach Steve at CinemanSteve@gmail.com.
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