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FANGORIA Musick: The Varp’s Terrifying “GRAVEYARD OF THE UNIVERSE” Now Available


FANGORIA’s new digital download-only label, FANGORIA Musick is making weird waves and slowly, surely swelling with an army of fantastic, dark, cinematic music. It started with a free download of editor Chris Alexander’s own experimental dark music album BEYOND THE DARKNESS: AN AUDIO NIGHTMARE and continued with Werewolves in Siberia’s DAWN OF THE FLESHEATERS here. Throne of Anguish and their frightening collection WATCHERS IN THE SHADOWS was next, and recently we added erotic electro act SciFiSol and their platter 303’s&BRIDES.

Now, may we present…The Varp!

FANGORIA Musick is thrilled to bring our fans the far-out strains of The Varp and their mind-bending brand of Lovecraft-fuelled dark, sonic drama. The Varp are Richard Taylor and Oliver Betts, a Middle England based duo whose obsession with horror and strange sounds form the spine of their musical identity; elegant, sophisticated and nightmarish with sinister readings by actor Nigel Parkin.

Immerse yourself in The Varp’s distinct blend of spoken word and ambient terror in this exclusive compilation GRAVEYARD OF THE UNIVERSE. You won’t regret it…

Download the new album here.


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