FANGORIA MUSICK Now Accepting Submissions


From the editor: Last week, FANGORIA announced the soft-launch of our new digital download-only label, FANGORIA MUSICK, with a free download of my own experimental dark music album BEYOND THE DARKNESS: AN AUDIO NIGHTMARE.

The intent of the label is to profile artists who are making challenging, interesting and truly cinematic music of any strain and who have an interest in joining forces with FANGORIA, the world’s most widely read horror culture magazine, to profile their own unique audio art.

We are now happy to announce that we are indeed accepting submissions for the label.

If you are an artist looking to join our small, singular imprint, please submit a digital copy of your album or music to me personally at chris@fangoria.com. We’ll review that work and, if selected, contact you about a potential partnership.

As someone who considers music one the most vital components of the horror film, I am beyond excited at the potential for FANGORIA MUSICK and eager to hear some of the no-doubt remarkable artists experimenting with sound today.

All submissions must be original works and must be owned by the artists.

Here’s to an exciting year ahead discovering and sharing great new music!


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Author, film critic, teacher, musician and filmmaker (not to mention failed boxer) Chris Alexander is the editor-in-chief of FANGORIA Magazine. He got his first professional break as the “Schizoid Cinephile” in the pages of Canadian horror film magazine RUE MORGUE before making the move to FANGO in 2007. His words have appeared in The Toronto Star, Metro News, Wired, Montage, The Dark Side, Tenebre and many other notable publications and he appears regularly on international television and radio.

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