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William Conrad in The Clock

William Conrad in The Clock

The Clock was a mystery series that cast “time” in the role of the narrator. William Conrad, Charles Webster, Harp McGuire and others voiced The Clock making many observations about how time affected people’s lives. The plots usually involve people in some sort of trouble or danger, which was then milked for the maximum amount of suspense that each situation could deliver. The series actually originated in England and then immigrated to New York after it picked up the interest of ABC officials. It stayed in New York for most its run, and then moved to Hollywood for the last 13 episodes. Lawrence Klee was the writer and Clark Andrews was the director in New York. William Spier directed after the Hollywood move. Despite the somewhat trite clock theme, the actual plots created tension, and were very similar to Suspense and Escape.

“The Past Or Present” (originally broadcast 2/14/56)
Starring Harp McGuire (The Clock), Don Crosby, Anna Dobb, Myme Dodd, Shiela Sewell, Ruth Cracknell and Leonard Teale. Madame Baba, the fortune-teller, warns a client about the color red. (approx. 30 min.)

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