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Maurice Tarplin (The Mysterious Traveler)

Maurice Tarplin (The Mysterious Traveler)

The Mysterious Traveler was created, written and directed by Robert A. Arthur and David Kogan. It came to Mutual radio in 1943. The lonely sound of a distant locomotive heralded the arrival of the ominous narrator known only as The Mysterious Traveler. Each week, Maurice Tarplin as “The Mysterious Traveler” invited us to join him on another journey into the strange and terrifying. He hoped that we would enjoy the trip – that it would thrill us a little and chill us a little. The series was produced in New York and included New York’s best supporting players: Jackson Beck, Lon Clark, Elspeth Eric, Lawson Zerbe and Luis Van Rooten. Although The Mysterious Traveler never made the transition to television, it did spawn a magazine and a comic book.

“The Accusing Corpse” (originally broadcast 4/16/44)
Starring Maurice Tarplin (as “The Traveler”), Don Randolph and Phillip Clarke. A journey to the grave to learn the secrets of the dead. An old scam leads to an accusation by a dead body. Sustaining. Mutual. (approx 30 min.)

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* This episode of “The Mysterious Traveler” is only available to download 4/21/14 through 4/27/14. Next week make sure to come back to download “Escape.”

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