FANGORIA Announces the Return of STARLOG!


Following the successful relaunch of our sister publication GOREZONE last year, FANGORIA is excited to announce the return of our science fiction brother-in-arms, STARLOG!

Announced formally by FANGORIA Editor-in-Chief Chris Alexander at Texas Frightmare Weekend, STARLOG will be coming back in a big way, starting with the reboot of its official website this summer. STARLOG will also return as a full-fledged digital magazine to accompany the likes of GOREZONE and FANGORIA, later in 2014.

“The world of science fiction has radically changed in the short time since STARLOG went dormant,” says FANGO’s Web Content Manager, Ken W. Hanley. “This iteration of STARLOG will bring fans the unique commentary associated with our brand but paired with new perspectives, features and exclusives reflecting the modern era of science fiction and fantasy.”

Alongside this exciting content and updates on the latest in sci-fi, STARLOG will be paying respect to the glorious yesteryear of the genre as well. This includes STARLOG’s exclusive “Summer of Spielberg” retrospectives, commemorating of the 50th anniversary of the director’s first science fiction feature, FIRELIGHT, as well as columns highlighting articles throughout the magazine’s storied history.

With the gears turning at full speed, expect STARLOG to relaunch sooner rather than later. In the meantime, stay tuned to FANGORIA.com and our social media pages for more updates on the return of STARLOG!

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  • Michelle Drayton-Harrold

    Gosh! I am absolutely delighted. I followed the magazine for years and still have my old issues, although I don’t have issue #1! Looking forward to adding STARLOG to my digital magazine list.

  • Mike White

    That’s pretty rad!

  • Treadwell

    Great to hear! I was a subscriber for many years.
    (I don’t usually do this, but since you’re a publisher you have no excuse: *its ;) )

  • ReadWryt


  • rockblocky

    What about longtime Editor Dave McDonnell?

  • Donn R. Nottage

    Well, well! I was a photographer and correspondent for the mag for many years! Shot many a con and event. Not to mention a fan since issue #1. Love to contribute if you’ll have me- I’m also a filmmaker now!

  • monolith21

    Now if only it would return to magazine shelves. :( I miss it coming in the mail.

  • etsjedi

    How do you save a digitial magazine? I am glad it is coming back as I have all issues just would like a hard copy.

  • Gregory Lamberson

    Great news! Too bad it won’t be a print mag, but STARLOG belongs in the world.

  • Ken

    I have the first 50 issues, including the original reprint of #1. Back then I used to buy several copies of each issue and keep them in plastic sleeves. They are classic but I’m moving and have to downsize. So they’re going up for sale!

    • Outraged in Miami

      My sister was a fanzine publisher back then and lucky for me, she left the family nest just as issue one with a letter arrived for her. I didn’t think much of it at first because they had photos taken from a TV screen (as I recall). When Star Wars hit, I think the magazine improved greatly.

  • Ray

    Hopefully it comes back in print, as well!

  • David Markham

    I discovered Starlog magazine in 1979 and had a subscription for several years. I always read it from cover to cover. While I enjoyed it and think it had an influence on my wanting to be a reporter and writer, I often felt many of the stories, especially feature peices on people, were a little long, bloated and padded with too many photos and quotes that were far afeild from their fame. I also recall several stories about upcoming movie productions that apparently never came about, including a film version of “Childhood’s End.” I’ll be interested to see wha the new magazine is like.

  • Bryan Hayes

    i want it in print

  • LiberalTimeLord

    Please…Let it come backl! It was m Bible for YEARS!!!!

  • LiberalTimeLord

    I wish ther was a way to Download all the back issues!

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