FANGO Original Editor Bob Martin health issues, Medical Fund needs your help!

For life-long fans of the magazine, the name Robert “Bob” Martin is not a new name to you. For those unfamiliar, “Uncle Bob Martin”, as he’s also known, was the original Editor of Fangoria Magazine from 1979 -1986. Unfortunately, Uncle Bob has recently encountered some health issues and is currently in the hospital. As many of you may relate, healthcare is also an issue. The burden of medical bills ensues as Uncle Bob recovers from a major health complication at the same time. His family and friends have started a GoFundMe page to help ease the stress of medical bills and any other needs he may have during this trying time.

You can help by contributing to Uncle Bob’s GoFundMe Page HERE!

Below is the information given on Uncle Bob’s GoFundMe Page:

Uncle Bob Martin was an amazing writer and editor in the early days of Fangoria magazine. He brought so much fun to the magazine and created a wide ranging family when he made all of his fans his nieces and nephews. After leaving Fangoria Bob has had some health setbacks. A stroke disabled him, and he is now back in the hospital with no insurance to cover the medical bills. We’re hoping to raise enough money to cover his stay in the hospital. Fellow nephew Mike Hunchback wrote: “Robert “UncleBob” Martin was Fangoria Magazine’s original mastermind. I have so long believed that Bob’s writing and work as an editor is one of the few cases that belongs alongside mavericks like Bill Gaines and Harvey Kurtzman. What we horror fanatics take for granted today was painstakingly forged out of iron during the heyday of The Religious Right banning films and Siskel and Ebert spewing their bile.

Bob stood up to all of that, and with the written word proved that “NO. We’re not psychopaths. We’re having fun, and these films, this culture, is legitimate and WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY.”

If you’re my facebook friend, there’s a great chance you owe a debt to UncleBob Martin. Time to pay up kids. EVERY little bit helps.”

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Even sharing the link to the Medical Fund account can help! Please, feel free to pass along the info or this post to help spread the word for our pioneer Editor, Uncle Bob!
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