FANGO Editor to Release his “MUSIC FOR MURDER” Album via Giallo Disco Records This Fall


Filmmaker, FANGO editor and music composer Chris Alexander recently announced that his album MUSIC FOR MURDER has been picked up by noted dark, euro-cinematic music label Giallo Disco Records. Previously released in a different incarnation in a digital only platform via 2M1 Records, Giallo Disco has licensed the work for a radically different version, with added tracks, totally remastered.

“I’m thrilled that Giallo Disco will be handling this new collection of my favorite recorded works,” says Alexander. “All of these instrumental tracks were recorded using analog equipment, most straight to tape, and although some of the songs have appeared in films, each one functions as a kind of movie for your mind and they were certainly written as such…”

This new cut of MUSIC FOR MURDER will be released in a glorious vinyl edition, as well as CD and digital in November from Giallo Disco and sports a stunning new cover and label design by artist Eric Adrian Lee.

Here’s the cover and scroll down for a preview of the menacing track “Organ Grinder”…


To learn more about the label, go to www.giallodiscorecords.bandcamp.com.

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