Fake Trailer to Feature Film: The First Look at “CLOWN” is Here


You may remember not too long ago, a trailer for a fake film from Eli Roth was rapidly shared around film sites. Titled CLOWN, the short piece previewed a picture in which a father finds himself unable to take off the clown costume he dons for his son’s birthday party. The difference however, between this and so many faux coming attractions, was aside from the Roth nod, there was little in the way of false grindhouse winking. CLOWN looked like a film we, and apparently Eli Roth, wanted to see.

Now, the feature produced by Roth and directed by Jon Watts (who also helmed the fake clip) is completed and the first look at the full length retains that darkly hilarious, menacing air. Not to mention, Peter Stormare  as “older gentleman who eerily explains what exactly this clown suit is” (the skin and hair of a demon).

Written by Christopher Ford and Watts, CLOWN also features sound design from I CAN SEE YOU director Graham Reznick, whose soundscapes have made a huge impact in the likes of Ti West’s THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL and THE INNKEEPERS, as well as Jim Mickle’s STAKE LAND.

No word on release for CLOWN just yet, but keep an eye on Fango for more. [The Film Stage]

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