Extreme Horror Experience “DEPROGRAMMED” Targets Safe Spaces and the Regressive Left

In 2016, The Haunted Scarehouse of Wharton, NJ and Fringe Immersive out of New York teamed up with shock haunter Russ McKamey of the infamous McKamey Manor to bring the east coast a taste of extreme horror with DYSTOPIA. The horror show went very well with guests traveling from as far as Australia to attend the one night only experience.

Flash forward to 2017 and the people who brought you DYSTOPIA have created a new experience called DEPROGRAMMED which targets the topics of safe spaces and regressive left-wing politics.

Political themes in haunted houses are not anything new, but this is not a haunted house. The experience is described by writer P.H Adoreart as a legitimate deprogramming simulation that will last up to two hours and will feature many simulated tactics applied to the art of mind programming humans with concepts and ideas that are genuinely bad for humanity.

Adoreart, a self described “liberal” and horror junkie says “The left have left and went right. They’re like the religious right-wing of America now. Their ideology is their religion, celebrities their virtue signaling saints and if you dissent, you’re a heretic.”

DEPROGRAMMED will cover touchy topics that are pillars of the SJW community and deconstruct the ideas to their most basic tenets while performing mental and physical trauma to individuals who hold themselves accountable to the very ideas believed to be caustic in action in American politics.

Fringe Immersive has never been a stranger to controversy and clearly feelings do not matter in horror, have they ever? No. Not really. Their past experiences deal with real world issues like living in a police state, joining a Luciferian sex cult, government mind control and drug abuse, dystopian societies, conspiracy theories and more.

DEPROGRAMMED will be streamed, live to Facebook or YouTube and viewers will get to watch everything unfold in real time, the story described sounds something out of a Philip K. Dick story.

“A distant future where over privileged, angst ridden millennials have overrun the political spectrum, a new program has been created by the “deep state” and developed by the Aurora Institute to document the results and the mental and physical status of each individual taken for examination.”

The Aurora Institute is a fictional mind health group that oversees all Fringe Immersive events and guests are lead to believe that this shadowy cabal is really behind everything happening in the world and each experience another test on humanity before implemented on a national or global scale.

Scary stuff right there. DEPROGRAMMED is a closed to the public, but two lucky (or unlucky) people are going to find out what Fringe Immersive has in store for them.

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