Exclusive: WWE Studios, Erebus Pictures Developing Body Horror Film “SURVIVOR”

With the recent news that WWE Studios would be developing further horror properties with the Gene Simmons-led Erebus Pictures as well as the Soska Sisters’ reunion with the company for the Dean Cain-starring VENDETTA, one wondered where in the horror world the studio might be going next. And now, sources have confirmed to FANGORIA that the studio is circling around a body horror project for Erebus’ second outing with the company, entitled SURVIVOR.

Written by former-journalist-turned-newly-minted-scribe Noam Little, SURVIVOR seems to be WWE’s most ambitious project to date, as it follows a former athlete whose body begins to transform after taking experimental pain medicine following a career of injuries. While the deal isn’t 100% done, SURVIVOR appears to be a shoe-in for WWE’s slate with Erebus, with the latter going as far as to contact FX guru Chris Walas as a technical adviser on the project to make sure the gorier body SFX will be done effectively.

“Having brought back the slasher film with the SEE NO EVIL films, made the LEPRECHAUN franchise scary again and injected their brand’s sensibility to suspense with THE CALL, WWE wants to rewrite the playbook on body horror with SURVIVOR,” says a source from Erebus. “Mr. Little’s story of personal and physical degradation is uncharted territory for the company, and it’s a story that many would like to see told.”

When reached for comment, Little could not confirm or deny that WWE would be developing SURVIVOR. However, Little was kind enough to share his first comments regarding the script.

“It’s truly a horrific story,” said Little. “For years, many companies would treat athletes like fads, disposing of them when they were no longer useful without pensions, health care or treatment for addiction, sending them into a downward spiral of destitution, desperation and sometimes even death. It’s the perfect basis for a horror story, and considering WWE’s strong output both in and outside of the genre, I certainly wouldn’t mind if they developed it, if that were the case.”

“I haven’t seen SEE NO EVIL 2 or LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS,” said FANGORIA writer Madeleine Koestner, who has gotten a glimpse at the SURVIVOR script. “THE CONDEMNED rules, though.”

If SURVIVOR pans out as Erebus’ second feature, it will likely arrive in limited theaters on WWE Studios’ placeholder date of April 1st, 2016, also known as April Fool’s Day.

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